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Stylish studs at four years young. 

Stylish studs at four years young. 

Q&A: Who are your favorite designers?

Q&A: Who are your favorite designers?

Palette of the Week: Coachella Outfits & Inspired Looks

Trending: Futuristic Fashion

Trending: Futuristic Fashion

Palette: Luxurious Lifestyle 

Palette of the Week: All Around the World (Street Fashion) 

Photo Credits: Street Peeper

Product Review: NARS 

Recently purchased a couple of items from NARS. I love, love their product line. Featured photos are:

  1. Blush
  2. Highlighter
  3. Bronzer & Lip Gloss

I highly, highly recommend NARS if you are willing to splurge on high-quality products. Their blushes are very pigmented, and you can easily build the color. I recommend Orgasm for a blush. You can purchase a blush & bronzer duo. Their most popular bronzer is Laguna

The highlighter, recently launched for Spring, gives your face a nice glow. It’ll instantly make your complexion look more awake. 

Lastly, I am in LOVE with NARS’ lip gloss in Giza. It doesn’t feel sticky and slick-y like most lip glosses. I own a Lancome lip gloss, and my NARS one has replaced it in one use! The gloss will stain (in a good way) your lips and last the entire day, or night! Though it’s quite a splurge, $22-$24 per tube, the swatches are amazing and the quality is worth it. I’m definitely getting another color! 

Trending: Denim, denim, denim!

Follow fashionstartswithyou for the latest fashion finds by two individuals dedicated to fashion. Every second Saturday, they travel to markets, thrift stoers, and chain stores to find fashion pieces. Love the concept. Check it out. 

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